Ampoules are formulated to ensure a concentrated action in the skincare routine. Facial ampoules guarantee more effective facial care for both young and mature skinThe characteristic that distinguishes the ampoules is their ability to preserve high-quality actives and concentration of ingredients, such as pure Vit C. This makes the product reach the deepest layers of the epidermis, enhancing its best benefits to the skin.

Ampoules benefits:

Face ampoules are used as a skin booster and meet different needs such as:

  • wrinkle filling with anti-aging action;
  • treatment of dark spots on the skin, such as melasma, pregnancy, or hyperpigmentation resulting from sun exposure;
  • soothing action on sensitive and fragile skin.
Use this skincare booster after a period of high stress, following a Summer vacation, or before a big event to brighten your skin.