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Nuxe RÍve de Miel - Your Winter Skin Saviours


Is the winter weather taking a toll on your skin? We hear you…

During winter our skin is exposed to harsh weather conditions that vary according to where you live making your skin dry, flaky and even itchy.
Caring for your skin with the right products is a must on the colder months. This includes cleansing and moisturising with gentle and soothing products containing active ingredients, able to repair the skin barrier and restore comfort to your skin.

Are you´re into natural and environmentally friendly high-quality products? Then keep reading!
Nuxe has renewed their best-selling Rêve de Miel range in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the brand and we are loving it! And we believe it to be the perfect addition to your winter skincare routine.
Why do we love it?
Because it is made up to 97% natural origin ingredients. Nuxe Rêve de Miel range formulas featuring honey (unfortunately not suitable for vegans!) and nourishing botanical oils are specially designed to soften and replenish the comfort of dry and very dry skin of the lips, face and body.
Each of the products in the range intensely hydrates by replenishing lipids, soothing and repairing the skin whilst enveloping you in the incredible scent of honey.
What about the bees and their honey?
Well, Nuxe is committed to supporting efforts to protect bees by supporting the organization "Un toit pour les abeilles" (or “A roof for the bees”). 
Nuxe sponsors pesticide-free hives located in the Vosges area of France, with the aim of encouraging the establishment of a new colony in the region, helping to protect bees and increase their numbers.
Skin Element team favourites? Thought you never asked!

Nuxe Rêve de Miel Ultra Nourish Lip Balm, a must-have from the brand, is an ultra-nourishing lip balm that combines honey, botanical oils and propolis, a precious beehive ingredient to immediately soothe, provide intense nourishment and repair very dry and damaged lips.
This lip moisturiser with a melting texture and a subtle zesty note of grapefruit and citrus essential oils makes it a pleasure to apply. We´re sure it will become a favourite of yours as well.
Nuxe Rêve de Miel Ultra Comforting Face Balma new addition to the range, a luxurious face balm to nourish the complexion, providing instant comfort for the skin as well as protecting it from environmental factors such as wind and cold.
With powerful moisturizing ingredients including botanical oil extracts alongside repairing propolis, this new balm texture moisturizer will help your skin regain suppleness while relieving redness and sensations of tightness.
Nuxe Rêve de Miel Face and Body Ultra-Rich Cleansing Gel, a rich lipid-replenishing face and body wash with honey and sunflower that respects the skin´s physiological balance. Suitable for the entire family, it cleans the face and body without drying it absolute delight for dry and sensitive skin! 
With an amazing addictive scent of honey, that will create a cocoon of wellbeing that soothes the skin and the spirit.
Nuxe Rêve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream, a silky and non-greasy hand cream enriched with honey, sunflower, avocado and sweet almond botanical oils alongside with argan oil, shea butter and vitamin E. It nourishes and repairs dry and damaged hands, protecting the skin from premature aging as well as strengthening the nails.
Its lovely subtle honey scent will make heads turn.
Nuxe Rêve de Miel Melting Honey Body Oil Balm is a silky balm on application that transforms into an oil when massaged to envelop the skin and provide intense comfort, with no greasy finish. This melting body balm features honey and precious argan and borage botanical oils to intensely nourish and repair whilst reducing the tingling sensations that are often suffered by dry skin.
Day after day, very dry and sensitive skin feels more supple and comfortable. Awaken the senses with its floral, light and luminous scent of honey, mimosa and vanilla.
Shop Nuxe´s Rêve de Miel Collection and all Nuxe Brand.

If you want to know more about this range and if it is suitable for you, please contact us.
Will will be delighted to assist you.

The Skin Element Team
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