Cistitone is a brand aimed at the treatment of hair loss. It acts regardless of the nature of the etiological triggering factors.

Cistitone treats:

  • Reactive hair loss or progressive hair loss;
  • Weak and spiky hair;
  • Brittle, fragile, and flaking nails;  

As a complement to other anti-fall treatments, Cistitone is a good option.


For seasonal hair loss:

  • Cistitone Forte and Cistitone Forte BD are presented as effective anti-hair loss solutions.
  • Cistitone Ferro is a revitalizing vitamin supplement for hair and nails for intensive treatment of hair loss particularly related to Iron deficiency.

For chronic hair loss:

  • Cistitone Agaxidil is a food supplement indicated for hair loss of hormonal origin in men and women.
The types of hair loss are different, caused by various changes in the hair cycle. Hair loss is one of the problems that most affect the population. It’s recommended to use food supplements that strengthen the hair fiber and restore vitality to the hair. Complete this treatment with an anti-hair loss shampoo.


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