Curly Hair

Curly hair needs specific care to define curls and recover the volume and elasticity of the hair. To hydrate the hair in depth and guarantee the perfect wave, choose hydrating shampoos, a suitable conditioner, and a deep hydration mask to ensure healthier, nourished and shiny curls.  Phytospecific acts in the deep nourishment of curly and frizzy hair, guaranteeing hydration and definition.

All curly and frizzy hair is naturally drier and needs additional nourishment. Discover the most suitable products for your hair and give it the hydration and shine it deserves!


  • Phytospecific Rich Moisturizing Shampoo for Textured Hair gently cleanses while providing intense hydration, allowing you to detangle hair.

Hair mask:

  • Phytospecific Rich Moisturizing Mask for Textured Hair nourishes the hair in depth, providing it with more shine, softness, and easier combing after each use.

Styling and Leave-in guarantee the nutrition and definition of curls, such as:

  • Phytospecific Thermoperfect Smoothing and Protective Care for Textured Hair;
  • Phytospecific Nourishing Hairstyle Butter Textured Hair;
  • Phytospecific Curl Legend Curl Sculpting Gel-Cream Strong Hold Textured Hair;