Eye Contour

The eye contour skin has one of the thinnest on the entire face. It is an area exposed to signs of premature aging such as puffiness, dark circles, expression lines, and wrinkles. Skin Element shop has a wide choice of specific products for this area of eye contour. These products satisfy the needs of different skin types, from just a moisturizing action to the correction of fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes that begin to appear with age. Eye cream or eye serum allows the skin to be hydrated, firmer, and more luminous. Choose the best eye contour care for your skincare routine in our online store!

How to use Eye contour cream?

  1. Apply the Eye Cream using your fingertips or its massaging metal tip in your morning and evening skincare routine.
  2. For even more effectiveness, put the Eye Cream in the fridge.