Filorga was born in 1978 by Dr. Michel Tordjman, a French aesthetic medicine physician passionate about cell biology. After years of skin physiology research, Dr. Tordjman developed NCEF, a unique skin revitalizing complex capable of improving all parameters of skin quality.

With more than 50 ingredients (vitamins, amino acids, co-enzymes, and hyaluronic acid), the NCEF complex is encapsulated in chronospheres that are absorbed by the skin, delivering all the benefits. From this discovery, FILORGA Laboratories developed its medi-cosmetique range, with innovative and unique anti-aging skincare products benefiting from the NCEF complex skin revitalizing properties.

Filorga ranges:

  • Filorga OPTIM EYES
  • Filorga TIME FILLER
  • Filorga AGE PURIFY
  • Filorga OXYGEN GLOW
  • Filorga HYDRA FILLER
  • Filorga NCEF REVERSE
  • Filorga SKIN UNIFY
  • Filorga UV-BRONZE 

The most effective eye care in the treatment of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles, Filorga Optim Eyes‘ fresh texture reduces the appearance of signs of fatigue around the eyes.

Filorga Time Filler range guarantees filling from the finest to the deepest wrinkles, preventing skin aging and providing perfect hydration with each application.

Age Purify Filorga is the anti-aging range that allows you to combine the treatment of existing imperfections, with an antioxidant effect and wrinkle correction.

Global Repair is an ideal care line to hydrate and revitalize the skin, acting on the main parameters of skin aging while restoring elasticity and vitality to the skin.

Filorga Oxygen Glow is a range, suitable for all skin types, guarantees the correction of the first wrinkles, dull complexion and uneven tone. Detoxifies, fills, evens and smoothes the skin.

Filorga Lift Structure is a range of ultra lifting care based on actives inspired by aesthetic medicine that promote a more toned and firmed skin.

Filorga Hydra Filler boosts skin hydration regardless of your skin type. Enriched in moisturizing botanical extracts and three hyaluronic acids, Hydra-Filler range provides dehydrated and dry skin the moisture it needs to reveal its natural radiance and fill-in fine lines. 

Filorga NCEF Reverse range offers formulas highly concentrated in the Filorga star active NCEF. With 50 powerful skin-revitalizing ingredients combined with retinol and other effective ingredients, this regenerating skincare range, visibly improves skin quality and reduces all signs of aging.