Hair Vitamins

Hair loss and weakened hair come from multiple factors, such as hormonal changes, dietary imbalances, vitamin deficits, medication, stress, and natural aging.  Hair loss is one of the problems that most seek a solution to. The use of hair vitamins is recommended to strengthen hair fiber and restore vitality to the hair.

Hair loss Treatment

As solutions for hair loss, vitamins for hair like Cistitone cápsulas Ducray Anacaps are the right choice.


  • Cistitone Forte and Cistitone Forte BD are useful on seasonal hair loss
  • Cistitone Agaxidil is indicated as a complement to treatments for androgenetic (hormonal) hair loss, a type of chronic hair loss, affecting both men and women.
  • Cistitone Ferro is helpful to control hair loss in men and women, particularly hair loss related to iron deficiencies.



  • Anacaps Reactiv– is a supplement food for seasonal hair loss that restores hair & nails strength and vitality;
  • Anacaps Progressiv– s a food supplement indicated for the treatment of chronic hair loss.