Hair with Dandruff

Dandruff manifests by scaling of the scalp due to accelerated cell renewal with irritation or itching. Dandruff can occur due to colonization of a fungus from the Malassezia family, genetic predisposition, or contact with inappropriate products. Find the gentle products most effective against dandruff!

Dandruff Types

Dry Dandruff –  characteristic of dry scalp, appears in small, white scales that easily detach from the scalp.

Oily Dandruff – characteristic of the oily scalp, it appears on larger scales, it is usually accompanied by itching, accumulating in clusters.



How to prevent Dandruff?

To prevent dandruff is necessary to:

  • Use mild shampoos to calm scalp irritation;
  • Limit hairstyling products;
  • Adopt lifestyle changes (healthy diet and stress control) to improve the immune system.