Styling e Leave-in

To nourish, protect and improve the hairstyle, there are leave-in hair care products that provide unique hydration and nutrition for the hair. Such as creams, oils, and products to detangle and eliminate frizz, indicated after each wash. Styling products offer the best definition of the hairstyle, responding to every hair need.

leave in products

Use leave-in products after hair washing,  to protect it from external damage as heat equipment. Leave-in products moisturize, define and protect hair strands even more. In this collection of hair care, find products to help detangle, lighten, and prepare your hair for drying or styling.

Benefits of leave-in products:

  • Increase hydration;
  • Combats hair frizz;
  • Define curls even more in curly hair;
  • Thermoprotective action.