All Men can take advantage of cosmetics products in general but exists some skincare products specifically formulated for their characteristics. Cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and sun protection should be part of every man’s skincare routine. Discover our men’s skincare offer!

Men‘s skin has specific characteristics that justify tailor-made care:

  • It’s thicker;
  • Tendency to oily skin, thanks to increased production of testosterone;
  • Shaving causes additional stress, leaving the skin drier and more sensitive.

Men’s skin has specific characteristics and should prefer care that respects its attributes, such as products with a lighter texture.

Men’s skincare:

  • Pay attention to the ingredients list of the products to use;
  • Wash your face daily and after exercise with a cleanser and warm water;
  • Use a moisturizing shaving gel or foam;
  • Use a face moisturizer daily;
  • Use always sun protection.