Scars treatment and Skin reparing

The skin is the most external organ of the body, protecting it against all aggressions. All wounds, burns, surgical interventions, or infections can cause a scar. The objective of any treatment is to improve the healing process to obtain a better healing, flexible, and close to the skin tone.
Some factors influence skin regeneration such as:

  • Age: scarring in younger people occurs more easily;
  • Diet: An unbalanced diet can delay healing;
  • Pathologies: In uncontrolled diabetes, wounds can heal very slowly;
  • Smokers: They have a decrease in the oxygenation of the hurt, causing slower healing;
  • Medications: Immunosuppressants and corticosteroids can delay healing.

The use of a suitable product for an injury is very important to ensure correct skin repair. Cicaplast by La Roche Posay, Cicalfate by Avène, Cicabio by Bioderma, and Aquaphor by Eucerin are some of the products options to intensively regenerate the skin with uncomplicated lesions.