Skin Problems

Skin problems like Rosacea, Acne, Dark Spots, and Wrinkles can affect the quality of life due to the symptoms and discomfort that skin conditions can cause. Find the product that best suits your skin!

Skin problems

Acne – affects up to 95% of adolescents and 40% of adults and may leave marks (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) until long after acne treatment. The therapeutic approach differs depending on the type of acne and its cause.

Rosacea – is a chronic inflammatory disease of unknown cause characterized by redness, dilation of blood vessels on the face, and a sensation of heat in the central region of the face.

Dark Spots – Pigmentation problems are related to deregulation in the production of melanin, which causes hyperpigmentation, also known as dark spots.

Dehydration – Dehydrated skin is a state of dryness, where the skin loses more water than it can retain, making it dry, rough, and itchy.

First Wrinkles – The first signs of skin aging appear after 25, with a decrease in the constituents that structure the skin. Sun protection, antioxidant moisturizers, a healthy sleep routine, and a balanced diet are methods to delay the appearance of the first expression lines.

Wrinkles and loss of firmness – Facial sagging results from the loss of firmness and elasticity of the skin, caused by the reduction or weakening of the tissues that support it (collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, and muscle fibers).

Anti-aging – The aging of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles have their origins in genetics, although lifestyle, pollution, and stress. With aging, the skin begins to lose firmness due to the decrease in the constituents that support it (collagen and elastin), and the lack of luminosity, dryness, and pigmentation spots begin to be more evident.