Bronzers are cosmetics that require sun exposure to stimulate melanin production and obtain an even tan, while self-tanning products are cosmetic products that color the skin naturally, without the need for sun exposure.
Bronzers and Self-Tanners give the skin a brunette tone and a shiny finish. Create a natural, tanned look in the comfort of your own home with different product formulations, so you enjoy a long-lasting, beautiful tan. 

How do self tanners works?

The self-tanner works due to an ingredient (dihydroxyacetone – DHA) when in contact with the skin darkens as if there was sun exposure. This pigment produced doesn’t protect against the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, so this is important to apply sunscreen. 

 To ensure an even tan, before self-tanner, exfoliate your body to remove impurities and dead cells.

Types of self-tanner:

  • Self-tanning spray: easy application and fast absorption;
  • Self-tanning lotion and cream: moisturize and nourish the skin;
  • Self-tanning foam: easy to apply, creates a natural-looking tan without blemishes.