Sun Vitamins

Sun exposure is the best way to get the daily Vitamin D doses which work to improve the immune functions in your skin. Sun vitamins help to prepare the skin for sun exposure. In addition to the protective and antioxidant function, sun supplements can guarantee anti-aging and anti-spots action and prevents sun allergies.
Discover our range of sun vitamins to guarantee a natural and luminous tan.

Sun Supplements

  • Heliocare Capsules – enriched with Beta-carotene promote a healthy and long-lasting tan while protecting the skin;
  • Heliocare Capsules 360 – acts against photoaging and the appearance of dark spots;
  • Heliocare Capsules Ultra D- prevents sun allergies in sensitive skin.

5 benefits of sun exposure

There are some benefits for your skin to taking sun vitamins in addition to wearing sunscreen:

  • Boosts immunity;
  • Improve the quality of sleep;
  • Heal some skin disorders;
  • Maintains stronger bones;
  • Reduces Stress.